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Marketing Tips Every Small Architectural Firm Should Know

If you’re a small architectural firm, you may have quite a small budget for marketing as with the rest. Hence, you need to be strategic in spreading the word and attracting new clients. The good news is, there are lots of ways to do this now, and most even cost nothing.

Social Media

Many architects have been slow in adopting social media as a strategy, even if it offers a whole sea of real prospective clients. Social media is hardly a fad. People come here to talk about their lives. There are social media sites dedicated to architects and clients/potential clients; Facebook, which is for everyone; and more. The idea is to listen and be part of the conversation.


If there’s something you absolutely have to invest in as an architect, no matter how limited your marketing budget may be, it’s a professionally designed website. It plays a key role in your branding. Most importantly, it should be a website made for your clients. In fact, everything you do contributes to your brand, from your website to your office and even your car. At the end of the day, the brand you build should make people trust you.


Networking can be likened to planting seeds – you won’t know which are going to sprout and bear a new client, whether directly or through an acquaintance or connection. So go around and spread the good news about what you do, but be sure to keep it authentic.


Among the most cost-effective but effective ways of marketing your architectural firm is sending out email newsletters regularly to both current and future clients. This should keep you top of mind if anyone in your circle starts looking for an architect.


Nowadays, you can use lots of technology to aid you in doing your work, as well as in managing client expectations. For example, with 3D visualization and modeling tools, you and your client can see what the building is going to cost or look like before the space plan is completed.


Marketing your firm online is cheap and effective, but there are other ways to do it for the same cost and results. Joining community groups is one simple example. Look for a group that aligns with your target market, or with people who can connect you with your target market. You can join, say, an animal rights group to meet vet clinic client prospects, or just pet lovers who might be thinking of remodeling or building new houses.

Satisfied Clients

Lastly, keep your existing clients satisfied and they will talk about you in positive ways. Note that word of mouth is still your most powerful tool when it comes to marketing your architectural firm. Clients speaking well of you, is marketing.

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