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Transparency in Racing through the Use of Chip Timing

The turn of the decade has brought with it a new conventional way of timing races which is itself a different approach in a modern race setting. This is a more diligent and accurate method of timing which gives assurance on the final time tally. This the form of timing would require an athlete to carry a chip that would be recorded periodically in certain areas. At the end of the race it calculates the result of the race electronically and basically gives the final result to the officials waiting at the back end of the system result room. It gives out the record broken and accurate winners, losers and even cheaters are sought out by the chip racing technique. The racers basically wear the chip on shoelaces or as ankle bracelets. It seeks to match times that athletes have started and have finished. This the technique of racing enhances integrity and transparency in the race ensuring that the winner would be one who is entitled to it. This system ensures that the race has the most fair outcome and enhances competition.

The fact that it is electronic makes it even less susceptible to human errors since the result is captured instantaneously and sent to the system. It would, therefore, be easier in establishing both the first and the last in the race. The chip timing method ensures there is more clarity in the long run. Big races such as marathons have a mat both at the start and the finish line which therefore enables both the racer and the officials know how long the racer had been running. It ensures that people try their best in racing.The racers are able to upgrade their performance due to the fact that they can compare their last race with the current one. The racers getting better and better would depend on their performance after the previous race they were in.

Marathons are graced by many athletes therefore establishing the first and last would be hard if it is handled manually. Checkpoints are set by the race organizers which have mats that would capture different time points of each and every racer. This would enable the officials to know how quick the racer is running since they are recorded to the system as soon as the racers reach the checkpoints. Race timing has been done since time immemorial, and therefore more and more advanced methods are being used so that people could be as accurate as possible. Due to the accurate nature of chip method of timing then it has proven to be a worthy step to embrace it since it reflects the future of any race.

The Ultimate Guide to Tips

The Ultimate Guide to Tips